Small Talk

AVE And Dylan On Vans
The biggest story of the month is that Anthony Van Engelen is off DC. Since his forthcoming DC shoe was going to feature a vulcanized sole, it only makes sense that his new shoe sponsor is a pioneer in the field of low-profile grippyness--Vans. Every pros’ favorite young-gunner Dylan Reider is off the Swoosh and on waffle soles, as well. Oh, and here’s a little heads up: A lot of shoe contracts are expiring on January 1, so get ready for even more earth-shattering sneaker news.

It’s All Bueno!
It finally is all good for Shiloh Greathouse now that he’s finally got a long overdue pro model. Bueno is a new board company out of Giant Distribution headed up by Stacy Lowery and with art by Michael Sieben. Stylish ams Nate Broussard and Mark Gutterman round out the team.

Pray For Jose!
Jose Rojo was in a bad car accident recently--so bad that he broke a few neck bones and his collarbone. Thankfully he’ll be all right, but homey was seriously laid up! As of press time, he’s much better and feeling mobile, and quite possibly back on his board in two months! Just to make sure that does happen, e-mail him some positivity at

Congratulations Mr. And Mrs. Gavin!
Former Blind and Girl professional, and now Podium VP, Tim Gavin, has come a long way from his Penis Pops days! He recently wed his lovely lady Kelly, and can also proudly tout the re-release of his new-and-improved pro model shoe on DVS--now even more skateable straight out the box ’cause you know that extra break-in time was hindering Gav’s daily sessions on the Podium mini.

Caswell Has A Friend In Osiris
He has lots of friends on Osiris, actually, so it only makes sense that Caswell Berry is the latest member on the Osiris professional team. Is a pro shoe already in the works? You’ll just have to wait and see.

Carlos And Astleford Free Agents
Just before a final video filming mission, Carlos De Andrade and Jimmy Astleford were let go from the World roster, so don’t expect parts from them when the much-anticipated, first-in-forever World video drops. No word on Carlos, but Jimmy’s ripping the North County streets all day, everyday, so don’t expect him to just be getting “flow for too long.

Element Shoe Team Finally Revealed!
The highly speculated Element Shoes team has announced its official roster. Mike Vallely, Brent Atchley, Dallas Rockvam, and Jake Rupp are on, and there’ll be more additions soon. Congratulations are in order for Jake Rupp, since he recently got married, as well.

Where Is Rene Matthyssen?
He’s in Hawaii, that’s where. You probably don’t remember his part from New Deal’s 1994 release, Children Of The Sun, but you most definitely should. Anyway, Rene is a partner in Fitted, a new limited-edition cap store specializing in New Eras. Next time you’re in Honolulu, stop on by and say hi. If Rene’s not around, he’s most likely putting down a gnarly Smith grind in an undisclosed pool. For those who can’t make it to the island, check out

Zero’s getting ready to drop the New Blood Special Edition DVD. Expect a full Sheldon Meleshinski part and new footage from the rest of the crew, especially marauder of the year Chris Cole.

Braydon Szafranski’s got the Vegas connection with Ragdoll and is now riding on Pig Wheels. Lizard King bailed the Pig pen for greener rooms with his Salt Lake homey Adam Dyet at Think. Vert veterans Neal Hendrix and Anthony Furlong are officially on helmet/pad company Triple Eight. After putting out two video parts in one year, Torey Pudwill is getting flowed Alien Workshop boxes. Brandon Westgate flew the coop at 5Boro for a spot in the Birdhouse. Wieger Van Wageningen is pro for The Firm.

Emmanuel Guzman is deservedly pro for his hometown’s namesake board company, Santa Cruz. And Tommy Fynn from New Zealand is its new am. Santa Cruz’s new video Out There... featuring its newly revamp and quite international team should be out by the time you read this.

Johnny Layton is Spitfire’s latest acquisition and word on the street is that he and Mike Rusczyk may soon have boards with their names on them from Toy Machine and Foundation, respectively.

Accel. wheels is now part of Giant Distribution, and it’s picked up Chad Tim Tim and Evan Schiefelbine. Mike V., however, has left Accel. for, you guessed it, Element Wheels.

Salman Agah is the new team manager for Black Label. He’ll have his hands full as the Label is on the eve of releasing its new vid, Back In Black. Iceloungers, fear not! Salman will still hold it down with his online skate community,

Many classic skate-video prayers have been answered in the form of Tim And Henry’s Pack Of Lies arriving on DVD. Blind will soon release a video called Double Set featuring Blind’s video catalog: What If?, Video Days, and Tim And Henry’s Pack Of Lies. Now that’s a good Christmas present.

If you get your hands on the new RDS video, Skateboard Party, be sure to check out Nate Sherwood’s Easter-egg secret part. Click up twice on one of the bonus features to view it.

Want a Nixon watch made from Danny Way’s blown-out Mega Ramp shoes? Well, that’s just what Nixon made with its new LTD collection. You can also score watches made from the leather jackets, pants, and guitar straps of Tony Hawk, Jack Johnson, Slash, Anthony Kiedis, Kirk Hammett, and Chris Cornell. Check for dealer locales, and don’t hesitate to buy, because all the proceeds go to the MusiCares MAP Fund.

Following Baker teammate Erik Ellington by a mere couple of weeks, Andrew Reynolds is now a proud papa, as well. Erik got a boy, and Andrew got a girl. Stella Reynolds, welcome to the world--the frontside-flip genes are yours. While we’re on the subject of marriage and children, photog Tobin Yelland tied the knot recently, and longtime Volcomite Remy Stratton had a kid of his own ...

The Overheards By Nate Sherwood

“I’m still trying to get used to e-mail. I really don’t have time for another distraction in my life.--Ray Barbee after Nate told him he was addicted to MySpace

“Ginger? What a pretty name. That’s my dog’s name.--Danny Gonzalez’s pickup line at a club--the girl wasn’t amused

“I’ve never had a full part in a well-distributed video, and the one chance I get, they hide me in the bonus section so deep you need a degree in electrical engineering to find it.--Nate Sherwood on his hidden part in the new RDS video

“Willy, do you want to go look at watches?--Bill Weiss’ mom while shopping in downtown Toronto

“Now that the 75,000-dollar bonus and Toyota Tacoma truck are waving in front of my nose, I just have to put together a run that doesn’t matter if it’s nothing to write home about, but will allow me to win the year-end title.--Bucky Lasek at a Dew Action Sports Tour Press Conference

“The guy f--king stole a car one time and then, after he didn’t like the way it drove, took it back to the guy.--Rob Dyrdek talking about Scott Conklin in Florida

“I’ve partied with Dave Duncan on three continents.--Blair Alley

“No, it’s okay. I check my e-mail daily.--Jessie Van Roechoudt after Nate asked for her number

“Me, Ty, and some heads got guns drawn on us in Bakersfield. Those cops are crazy there. How the f--k did Devine grow up in that place?--Ray Ray when filming in Bakersfield

“Yeah, this place is really Vagina Monologues.--Matt Hensley to Lance Conklin at the Carlsbad skatepark after Lance was bummed about the helmet rule

“No, Nate, these are cig burns, not track marks.--Daniel Shimizu at the Nike party after Nate asked him why his arms looked all f--ked up

“Miami’s great. That’s why the hurricanes love us--they know where the party is.--Joel Meinholz after Nate asked him and Ed Selego about the hurricanes that storm through town

“I’m a blank canvas, Kyle. I’m as white as one, too.--Nate to tattoo artist Kyle Walker te as one, too.--Nate to tattoo artist Kyle Walker