Cairo Foster left Popwar, the company he left Real to start, to be on enjoi. Ex-Popwar Team Manager Paul Sharpe is now TM of enjoi. As to the fate of Popwar, it will continue on without its founding father.

Wind, Water, Earth, Tim Tim
The always pleasant Chad Tim Tim has popped his way on over to the Element team. Seen his A Time To Shine part yet?

Sticking To The Plan
Brian Wenning has left his longtime habitat to adapt to a new one in Plan B’s world. Meanwhile, The Firm expat Wieger Van Wageningen is on Plan B’s international am team.

Sasquatch Seen Sporting Globes
One of the most impressive skaters to go for a stretch without a shoe sponsor, Chris Haslam has made a fitting join to the Globe team. Should we expect “Grizzly Haslam” pro-model kicks soon?

Three-peat For à‡S
à‡S recently gave birth to triplets, well, three new teamriders that is. Habitat brethren Danny Garcia, Raymond Molinar, and Tim O’Connor are all now down with unlimited Accels. Pro models are most likely in the works.

Busenitz on adidas
A long time in the rumor mill, Dennis Busenitz was seen flying around town in three-stripes, and now it’s official. Booze ‘n’ tits is down with The Gonz on adidas.

Death By Patty Melt
After an amazing Pro Spotlight right here in TWS, (that he cranked out in two weeks no less) Patrick Melcher got picked up by England’s Death skateboards.

Guns Blazin’
On a killing spree since day one, Tommy Sandoval is finally pro over at Zero.

Nice One, Mate
After the purging of the World Industries pro team, Chad Bartie has found a home on Kewday. It’s his brother’s board company in Australia.

Rasa Libre Back In Biz
Everyone’s favorite hippie-meets-classic-rock company looks like it’s getting a second chance. The team in its early stages is none other than Nate Jones, Nilton Neves, Matt Field, Jack Sabback, Barker Barrett, and Ocean Howell.

Hubba Bubba
Tongue-swaggling Baker boy Braydon Szafranski is now dropping drawers on Hubba wheels. You could’ve called him yourself but he finally changed his number.

Alexander The Great
We know it’s too early to be adorning any such nicknames, but Girl’s young man, Alex Olson, IS off to a great start. The stylish young’n that skates like an old soul is fittingly on Quiksilver.

In Other News
Get your roll on! Here’s some serious wheel company news: Braydon Szafranski is on Hubba, Jerry Hsu is on Ricta, Pig Wheels picked up Mike York, Shiloh Greathouse, Mark Gutterman, and Dyson Ramones. York and Shiloh have pro-model wheels you can pop bearings in right now.
The Mystery team bulked up with the addition of Windsor James and Everen Stallion as ams. Now there’s a video we want to see. The stylish old soul trapped in a young’n’s body, Alex Olson is fittingly on Quiksilver. Across the pond, Ricky Oyola has a guest pro model coming out with Death. The birdcage is filling up nicely with ams Derek Burdette, Chris Gregoire, Randy Ploesser, and David Loy on Birdhouse. Phoenix Am champ Nick Forini is the new am on Darkstar. Man am ripper Dave Caddo and Mike Rosa are now on Creation Skateboards. Jose Rojo and Daniel Shimizu are now draping their steezy frames with Insight. Baker claims he’s the best black skater in the world, we’re just letting you know Terry Kennedy is on Venture. NorCal’s Empire Distribution now distributes Shut and Vehicle. Our own Mackenzie Eisenhour is the new team manager for Hurley Kids. Kerry Getz is off Ezekiel. The hyphy-est of skaters, Mike York, has also been released from Ezekiel and is no longer on Chocolate. We’re sure the Yay-area’s finest will have a new board sponsor faster than you can ghostride your whip.

Congrats Carleton!
TransWorld’s Managing Editor Carleton Curtis took the plunge with his lovely lady, Jamie, in early September at a picturesque hilltop winery hidden amid the canyons of Malibu. A heavy TWS staff croquet matchh preceded the procession and TransWorld SURF’s own Chris Cotà‡ deejayed the reception. The happy couple were last seen honeymooning on the remote Greek isle of Kythnos, draped in 80’s-themed regalia and brandishing TransWorld gang signs amid local graffiti.

Warren Bolster R.I.P.

Why should a pro demo come to your town?

The A-town skate scene is so ill, man, you can go to a hot skate spot and no lames will be in your face. And the Southern hospitality is great. Everyone knows where every shop and park is, so if there’s a demo, there’s gonna be a nice groups of fans. Georgia gets dissed alot. I’ve seen so many tour schedules where they go straight from Tennessee to Florida. What up with that?-Marcus “Twist T” Thompson, 16, Atlanta, Georgia

A pro demo should come to my town, because it’s far away from major skate scenes around the U.S.-like California. Going halfway around the country is worth it, especially if your destination has really good spots, like my town. -Ben Kelble, 16, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Haven’t you seen It’s paradise, brah!-Alec Singer, 14, Honolulu, Hawai’i

Because South Jersey is beat as hell. Nothing exciting ever happens here. It’s all burnouts and wannabe tough guys-Anthony Tarricone, 16, Blackwood, New Jersey