Spots: Department Of Skateboarding

Department Of Skateboarding

Location: Portland, Oregon.
Design By: Dan Garland and Kyle Reynolds.
Born: 2002.
Size: 16,000 square feet.
Who Owns It: Craig McKendry.
Public/Private: The Department is privately owned. It’s ten dollars each single session or fifteen dollars for an all-day pass. There are three sessions per day Sunday through Thursday and two late-night sessions on Friday and Saturday. And don’t worry, Dads, there’s an Old Man session on Monday night.
The Regulars: Craig McKendry, the Lunas, Baca, Tyler Bledsoe, Chris Hart, Mike D, Bob Anderson, Kale Phillips, Three Dollar Guy, Robert Bemis, Chris Stuker, Jayme Fortune, Shawn and his crew, Joe Hargrave, Tyson Reynolds, Phil Trotter, Nick Palmquist.
Highlights: A marble ledge, Pier-Seven-like manual pad, seven-stair with two hubbas and a perfect square rail, big three-stair, a slant ledge like the Clichà‡ team skates, a perfect four-foot mini ramp, and a six-foot bowl with an eight-foot extension.
Best Tricks: Phil Trotter’s backside 50-50 on the Euro gap hand railing, Craig McKendry’s switch 360 flip and switch frontside heelflip down the big three, Tyler Bledsoe’s switch backside tailslide big spin out on the marble ledge, Vancouver Devin’s 360 flip down the enlarged three on a nine-inch Black Label board with 58mm Powell cruisers.

Windy days suck, security guards lurking at your spot are worse, but when the rains come pouring down, your planned skate day is pretty much ruined. The guys at Cal’s Pharmacy skate shop in Portland, Oregon know this soggy scenario all too well. So instead of the rains pushing them deep into depression or even deeper into PlayStation, they built a skatepark even Mr. Weather Man can’t keep them out of. Hence, the birth of the Department Of Skateboarding.
Designed to skate just as well or better than most of the street spots in the area, this park might be something you want to visit even when the sun is on your side. With a fresh new street course-a marble ledge, hubbas, stairs, and rails-and constant drop-ins from Pharmacy shop riders-Tyler Bledsoe, Matt Beach, and Jayme Fortune-if you’re not doing the rippin’, there most likely will be someone there who will.-Ben Kelly