Spring Break Yo’ Self 2007 Wrap Up

Once again, Sun Diego put on one hell of a spectacle underneath the Giant Dipper roller coaster in Mission Beach, California. And once again, Tommy Sandoval stole the show. But more on that in a bit. To understand the scene that was Spring Break Yo’ Self, imagine about 5,000 skateboarding fans, 2 security guards—that seemed too bothered to do anything security-like—and you’ve got one wild scene complete with open containers like it was Europe and smokiness in the air like it was Amsterdam. Hell, even the six stair by the merry-go-round was being heavily sessioned with families walking through zinged-out boards everywhere you looked. It was unbelievable, it was chaotic, it was a little unorganized, but it was a really f—king fun contest to witness.

Okay, on to the carnage. Just like last year, many came, but few conquered. Basically if you were skilled enough to pull off just one trick, you made the top ten and got some cash. That being said, Tommy Sandoval nailed fourteen tricks in the 45 minute jam session down the Rincon replica. Yeah, fourteen. There’s eleven logged in the video attached to the left, plus he also back lipped and back Smithed the drop rail and switch hardflipped the four block. He got a well-deserved ten Gs. Justin “Figgy” Figueroa got second, he made four tricks—front salad and 5-0 the drop rail, front feeble the long rail, and 360 flip the four block. He got five Gs. Kevin Romar did an amazing backside 360 nollie down the blocks. Throw the product, fights break out, cops show up, adios. On to the afterparty.

Now, the contest wristband that the skaters and media had on worked for free entry into the afterparty and free drinks. Attention all contest planners: please reread that last sentence. Thank you. That’s right, no VIP line, additional wristband shenanigans, no tracking down the marketing guy to get a new wristband, etc. Not to mention two of the best bands in San Diego on the bill: The Heartaches and Earthless. Stay classy Sun Diego.

The day after the contest was Easter Sunday and SPoT’s Brian Schaefer that was flown in to emcee the contest wanted to spend an extra day in the usually-sunny San Diego, go for a surf, and barbecue with the homies. Sunday morning it was raining. Being the champ that he is, Brian charged the surf solo. He ripped. Then it was off to Mission Bay for the annual Easter Sunday barbecue with loads of friends that are too far away from their immediate families to spend Easter with them—and some of us locals, too. Rhino cruised over from the Other Beach and soon a beer can slolam was going off. Sausages, chicken, shish kebabs, and burgers got toasted as case after case of brew were downed. As the sun dipped, a bonfire was lit and another amazing weekend was put in the books. Hopefully your Easter weekend was just as epic.—Blair Alley

Check the slideshow, sequences, and video attached to the left! Check the Easter Sunday Beer Slolam videos!