Spring Break Yo Self 2008

Spring Break Yo’Self went down again underneath the historic roller coaster in Mission Beach, California. Sun Diego did another great job with the event. The Rincon replica has been done away with and was replaced with a combo of the Wilshire 10, the San Diego chain-to-bank, and the San Dieguito 10. It was a much better set up and a lot more awesome shredding went down. Brandon Turner stole the show in his qualifying heat and in the finals. He nailed so many tricks, it’s impossible to list them all but here’s a few. Over the chain-to-bank: nollie double flip, nollie back heel to switch manny, frontside flip to switch manny, switch hardflip, nollie hardflip. He switch crooked the Wilshire 10, and shocked the crowd when he nollie noseslid the straight out ledge with the steep bank coming down from it.

Tommy Sandoval, who has won this event the past two years, was also killing it. Again, too many tricks to list, but the judges ended up giving it to Brandon in the end. Third and fourth place were Jereme Rogers and Shuriken Shannon who are always contenders in Best Trick contests.
After the contest, the afterparty at The Wavehouse jumped off with a bikini contest. Don’t worry, photos will be coming in hot all week. Check out the first batch of animated sequences to the left and keep checking back every day this week for more! Good looks to the Skatepark of Tampa dudes for keeping it funny and organized. And of course to DJ Wade for always being his entertaining self. Glad you’re okay buddy!