Starting Point – Feeble Grinds

Feeble Grind by Stefan Janoski

1. A good place to start with feeble grinds is to have backside 50-50s and boardslides on automatic. Then you’ll want to combine the two by locking in your back truck on the rail and having the rest of your board overlapping resting on the front edge of your rail.

2. Ride parallel to the rail, ledge, or whatever obstacle of your choice with moderate speed. As always, the faster you go, the farther you’ll grind.

3. Pop your ollie, and make sure to land with your back truck on top of the obstacle. Keep your weight on your back foot over the truck, while you’re leaning the front edge of your board onto the obstacle with your front toe pointing down.

4. Try to stay locked for as long as possible.

5. As you get to the end of the ride, pop off, and reward yourself with a Slurpee.

6. Don’t be afraid to try this on your friend’s mini ramp.-Jamey Stone