Starting Point – Switch Kickflip With P.J. Ladd

1. First, go to the corner store, pick up a bottle of Voss water, chill in traffic, sip the Voss, and contemplate what Johnny Cash’s “Ring Of Fire” really means.

2. Once at the loskatetion, warm up with a few switch ollies. Make sure you’re relaxed and feeling your bolts.

3. Now try the switch flip. Roll switch at a good speed (not too fast, not too slow). Just chill like like a refrigaskater and pop your tail like you’re going for a switch ollie.

4. Make sure to keep your back foot sidelined and ready for the flick. As you get to the apex of the snap (as soon as you hear that “smack”), kick that board like it stole your lunch money.

5. Keep your eyes on the board as it flips-don’t lean too far back on impact or you might do a banana peeler and get a hipper, or even worse, your board could shoot into the bum puke that’s under the bench in front of you.

6. Hop in the Range, and peel the hell out of the spot before your girl finds you skating (instead of hanging out with her) and goes ballistic.-Nate Sherwood