Starting Point

Backside 180 Fakie Five-0 By Daxter Lussier

1. Before attemping this, make sure you have backside 180s and switch backside nosegrinds dialed. You can start off by trying backside 180s onto a ledge you feel comfortable with. Repeat until you can land with your weight over the back truck in a fakie manual.

2. Ride parallel to the ledge at a moderate speed, although a faster speed means a farther grind.

3. Pop your backside 180 ollie, land, and keep your weight on your back truck.

4. Hold the grind for as long as you can, and ride off the end of the ledge. Begin by grinding just the end, and once you’ve mastered the technique, try grinding longer and popping out in the middle.

5. There are many ways to increase the difficulty of this already difficult trick, but just for kicks, try a Half-cab out. Maybe a backside flip fakie five-0?-Daxter Lussier.


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