Stefan Janoski Subtleties Interview

Stefan Janoski rolled through our offices the other day and answered some questions about his amazing last part in Subtleties while little Liam ran rampant in the building. Ever the caretaker, Stefan shared his Guacamole chips with Liam and then took him along on the skate mission.

How long did you film for the video?

I guess like a year.

Well the Habitat video came out in August, right?

So after that. As soon as that came out.

When did you know you were going to do a TransWorld video?

At the premiere of the Habitat video. I knew before the Habitat video was even done. So I knew when I was done with that, I’d be going straight into another video.

Were you originally supposed to share a part with Biebel?

They talked about it a long time ago, but I thought I was gonna share a part with Danny Garcia, but that didn’t work out.

How does it feel to have the last part?

It’s pretty cool.

Who’s got your favorite part in the video?

Probably Kyle.

How’d you end up with that Modest Mouse song?

Jason (Hernandez) picked it.

Are you a fan of Modest Mouse?

Yeah, yeah. It turned out good.

Did you edit any of your part?


How was the Miami trip?

That was the best trip. It was really fun. Me and Richard (Angelides) stayed down there for like two months or something.

Partying as much as you skated?


What was the hardest trick in your part to get?

I don’t know, I don’t think there was anything like that really.

How was filming with Jason and Jon Holland?

Fun, those guys are good—motivating.

What’s the next thing you’re working on?

Another Habitat video.

Already filming for it?

No, haven’t done anything, but starting to try to. I’ve just been taking it easy lately, skating skateparks and stuff. Just trying to get back into the whole filming thing.

Who’s idea was it to do the bonus footage of your dog?

Jason did that, it turned out good though.

You psyched?


Your dog is in all of your video parts, right?


His name’s Liam?

Yeah, he’s famous. He’s around here somewhere.