So last night in Los Angeles was the proper launch party for Stefan Janoski’s Nike shoe. Don’t know if you followed Oliver Flores and my Twitter battle, but here’s what went down. After a lengthy afternoon on the roof at The Standard hotel with the Nike team, and a Q&A session with Stefan and the Nike designers at the Edison (not to mention a sneak preview of pretty much the whole 2009/2010 season of Nike SB stuff in a mezzanine room at The Standard, and no, photos were not allowed), shuttle buses took us all over to The Edison for the party at about 9p.m. Quick history lesson of the Edison building: It was built by the Con Edison around the turn of the century and was L.A.’s first private power plant, meaning it was self-sufficient, and the generators, turbines, and old iron and metal are all still down there. The old world and somewhat spooky decor mixed well with Nike’s brilliant shoe-in-a-bottle displays, antiques, and archaeologist treasures. It was part Tim Burton movie set and part Disneyland Haunted Mansion. Add in the fairies pushing around wooden carts with flavored absinthe and you had a truly out of body experience. Well enough about all that, the food and drinks (including delicious red Zinfandel bottled by Stefan’s family) were free flowing all night, there was fantastic live entertainment, and Nike has once again outdone themselves. Can’t wait to see what Omar Salazar’s shoe release party will be like next year—oh, wait, is that top secret?

Oliver Flores had Cullen Poythress, Justin Williams, and everybody on The Standard roof in stitches early in the night, and he never let up. One funny bastard.

Scotty from The Hundreds had the new Huf hat that everyone liked.

Cullen and Joey Digital keeping it mellow before heading to the Edison.

Goddamn handsome men but I’m terrible with names: Tyler Tufty, Nike rep Mark, Skate Lair’s Eric Munday, and Shawn Baravetto. Hope I didn’t butcher names too bad.

It’s good to be the coach. White leather Stefan’s—not out yet.

Party bus from The Standard to The Edison.

Like all posh, exclusive clubs in L.A., the entrance is in a dirty, nondescript alley.

The welcome poster before descending into the basement.

Archaeological finds, ancient artifacts, and some nice Stefan’s in a bottle.

This case had all kinds of old liquor bottles and scientific gadgets. Such nice touches.

The white leathers by some Dom P and an old telley.

One bar was only serving Stefan’s family’s red wine—it had a mirror to boot.

Enormous old turbines.

An old reel to reel movie player.

Old school thermometer.

More old stuff. It was amazing, really.

This lady kicked off the night’s entertainment—on the bar no less.

She had moves, oh she had moves.

Yoon Sul and Heath Kirchart. Heath’s not trying to block my shot, he just wanted to shoot photos. Remember this party?

Clint Peterson and his bro. Photo: Kirchart.

Bob and Blair. Photo: Kirchart.

Joey Digital and David Clark. Oh yeah, custom coasters, too.

The absinthe fairy. The flavored absinthe was free for the taking—big bottles too!

Chris Casey sitting front row for this…

Erica Yary and Erik Bragg. Chino Hills represent.

Stefan showed up fashionably late with his gorgeous lady.

Hunter dressed to impress for the evening.

Of course Boosh was there.

Erik and Hunter in front of one of the display cases.

The black leather ones on top are my personal favs.

Erik had a Masterpiece Theater moment.

Erik and Joey going a bit mental on the organ in the bat cave.

Omar Salazar and some Nike gents in their finest.

Nike gave Stefan a very nice guitar.

Then he serenaded the crowd with his hit, “I got my own shoe, f—k yeah!” Just kidding.

Stefan’s favorite band, Danielson, played next.

See that plate of cookies? There were so many cookies and cupcakes going around later in the evening, it was a snacker’s dream.

Dan Murphy was having a good time.

This lady came back for an encore—with two snakes!

I was a bit worried for the snakes.

Eric Stricker, Stefan, and Erik Ellington. Congrats Stefan and thanks Nike!