Saturday, May 2, was rainy a rainy afternoon, but even the bad weather didn’t deter the mass of people that came out to 28th & B Skatepark in Sacramento, California to celebrate the release of Stefan Janoski’s Pro Model shoe from Nike. A new bank to wall obstacle was built at the skatepark courtesy of Nike and they hosted a best trick contest. Afterwards, Upper Playground had a display of photographs by Jeff Landi showcasing Stefan through the years going all the way back to his Think days, and Stefan even contributed a few pieces of original art. The cold brews, great exibit, and good vibes at the store provided a great atmosphere to celebrate this special day for one of Sacramento’s nicest and most graceful residents. A few highlights inluded:
-Stefan being interviewed by a local news station
-A kid having Omar and Biebel sign his VX1000 Camera
-Heads coming as from all over, even the Bay Area
-Tailgating like it was a football game
-The new bank to wall obstacle is top notch thanks to Mike at Team Payne
-Throwing out massives amounts of Stefan’s new shoe, and countless other items for all the kids in attendance.
-Stefan’s shoe is amazing, great design and great for skating.

Thanks to Mike at Nike, Ed at Upper Playground, Gabe at FTC SAC, Judd at the skatepark, and everyone who came out and made this a day to remember for our boy Stefan!--Russell Volksen

Photos by Chris Ray, Russell Volksen, and Dave Chami

Biebel signs a VX

Salazar signage.

FTC Sac’s Gabe Collins and Nike Mike

Connecticut’s Gentle Giants Brian Anderson and Judd Hertzler.

Stefan signs in the parking lot.

Stefan interviewed by local TV.

Stefan’s Lovely ladies: mom Marnie and GF Jessica

Nike’s TM Hunter with Sac’s Upper Playground sensei Ed Lee

This kid displays a rather large poster of the man of the hour, that even had Biebel proclaiming, “Dude, I want one of those posters!”

A classic Stefan pic by Landi.

Landi portraits from yesteryear.

The shoe in a bottle concept is great.

Sac’s Upper Playground was the site of the reception.

Stefan cuts the cake with help from his lady.

Souvenir T-shirts.

New posters.

Jeff Landi and his baby Ryan.

Landi, Stefan, and Chris Ray.

New obstacle that was built for Stefan.

Three bros making Sacramento Proud: Biebel, Landi, and Janoski.

Nike Mike with Steve from Manik and Andy from Primitive.

“I like this one ’cause you can’t see my face.”

Stefan artwork 1.

Stefan artwork 2.

Stefan artwork 3.

Stefan by Landi 1.

Stefan by Landi 2.

Stefan by Landi 3.