Stereo and Obey produced a collection of Ts, posters, and decks, and had a party to celebrate at La Cita in downtown L.A. on April 9. Peep the gallery to see who was there. Thanks to Andrew and everyone else at Stereo for a great time.

This just in from Obey:

To commemorate the release of the OBEY/Stereo skateboard collaboration OBEY, Stereo and Matt Goldman teamed up to release a limited poster designed by Matt Goldman and Shepard Fairey. The initial poster offering sold out immediately with a few being given out at the release party. OBEY Clothing will be offering the hidden, remaining posters on their website at 1pm PST on Monday, April 13. In addition, 100 T-shirts were printed for the occasion. Most were given away at the party but a few were divided up prior to the festivities amongst Stereo, Matt Goldman and OBEY Clothing. OBEY Clothing's portion will be available from their site on Monday at 1pm PST as well.