Street League Qualifying Results Video

So, today was the preliminary qualifying finals for Street League‘s first stop at Seattle’s Key Arena, and as you’d guess, dudes seriously went off. Apparently that ridiculous $150,000 prize purse makes people wanna jump without a care in the world. And really, why give a shit when winning can mean putting up a down-payment on a brand new house in the Hollywood Hills? Might as well make it happen…

Chris Cole and T-Puds obviously tore the course apart–as was expected–as well as Nyjah Huston, P-Rod, Shane O’Neill, and all the rest. It’s amazing how consistent these guys are, especially considering how some land every single f–ked up trick out of their seven-trick runs–prime examples being Nyjah, Shane O’Neill, and Torey. Imagine pulling bigspin front boards and back threes down nine first try. Pretty unreal, right?

But one of the raddest things was seeing Braydon Szafranski out on the course–one guy who admittedly describes himself as not being a contest skater, yet still gets out there and cab flips over the pyramid hip like nothing. Not to mention, Dylan Rieder, one of this year’s TWS reader’s choice nominees and overall industry favorite’s, who undeservedly placed 13th. Seriously, the dude could ollie up a goddamn curb or take a single flatground push and it’d look sick. (Worry not, his retardedly perfect waist-tall impossible tail grabs are even better in person…sucks for you for only witnessing it in the video…)

Here are the full results from today:

1. Torey Pudwill 86.4
2. Nyjah Huston 85.8
3. Shane O’Neill 77.9
4. Chaz Ortiz 70.5
5. Chris Cole 70.4
6. Mikey Taylor 64.4
7. Paul Rodriguez 59.0
8. Ryan Sheckler 56.1
9. Mike Mo Capaldi 54.3
10. Tommy Sandoval 52.7
11. David Gonzalez 46.0
12. Nick Dompierre 43.0
13. Dylan Rieder 42.5
14. Peter Ramondetta 42.3
15. Billy Marks 34.4
16. Eric Koston 34.0
17. Mark Appleyard 33.6
18. Braydon Szafranski 14.9
19. PJ Ladd 8.8
20.┬áBrandon Biebel 0.0 (Biebel took off to Vegas last minute and didn’t enter)

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Words by Kevin Duffel. Videos by Chris Thiessen.