Subject To Change

A lot can happen in four years, and it certainly did for Osiris. Now that The Storm has cleared, and the sun is shining, Osiris brought on Chris “Dune Pastras to assemble a new team. If you haven’t noticed a change in the direction of the brand by now, you must’ve been sleeping. Go ahead and wipe the gunk out of your eyes and realize what’s happening.

Subject To Change is the first video offering from Osiris since its “major video production of catastrophic proportions back in 1999. The video starts off with wonder-am of Zero fame James Brockman. This won’t be the last we see of this kid. This kid skates fast and attacks spots like it’s going to be his last day skating. Brockman’s sixteen-stair nosegrind leads into everyone’s favorite Swede, Ali Boulala.

Ali’s been notorious for his flamboyant fashion sense and his knack for skating unconventional spots—like ollieing from a Hubba to a narrow landing and the wallie off a pillar to huge drop. Ali’s been busy filming for Flip’s Sorry. and the revamped Really Sorry. DVD, and still came through with an impressive list of tricks for Subject To Change.

Part of the am uprising and face-lift at Osiris, Dylan Reider destroys handrails and shares a song with Argentina’s Diego Bucchieri. The Argentine joined the team some time ago as well and shows the world that he still skates 100 miles an hour and likes to do gigantic ollies.

Sometimes watching vert skating can get kinda boring and repetitive, but Pierre Luc Gagnon has totally been annihilating transition for some time. His part is full of amazing vert trickery—heelflip McTwist, varial kickflip boardslide—and the nollie heelflip and nollie heelflip varial over the channel were unreal.

After Pierre’s part you’ll see some familiar names from The Storm days—big-man Kanten Russel comes on the screen with his usual mix of enormous drops. That guy must have knees of steel. Brandon Turner graces the screen next and techs the hell out of the place. This guy has suffered two broken legs throughout his career and that doesn’t seem to be slowing him down one bit.

When it comes to grind or slide tricks, Chris Dobstaff has a minimum of a two-trick combo—nollie heelflip noseslide, kickflip frontside 50-50, tailslide frontside flip out, you get the idea.

The curtain call came to the Tiltmode tag team of Louie Barletta and Jerry Hsu. You can tell that these guys like to have fun on their skateboards. It looks super fun watching them skate. Hold on a minute … okay, sorry about that, a skate session was in order before this review could be finished. Half the time you can’t tell which way Jerry even skates. Jerry and Louie could single-handedly be responsible for bringing back late kickflips and no complys.

The best thing about DVDs is that once the video is done, there’s always the bonus section to check out. Subject To Change features random chaos with Clint Peterson, Kayshawn Jackson, Marty Murawski, Adam Louder, and Mathias Ringstrom. There’s a section with alternate angles and deleted scenes as well as The Butcher and Jerry and Louie’s part have an OG edit. The junior program at Osiris is pretty incredible—Tyler Bledsoe, Oliver Rivas, Daryl Angel, Evan Mirschel, Marius Syvanen and Rob Lorfice are certainly part of the next generation of rippers. Since touring is such a huge part of skateboarding the Southern Hemi Tour Osiris went on is included—Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Don’t be sleeping on Osiris any longer—the new wave is here. Check out for more info.