Summer Video Recap

This list is super-legit. Computer tracking software approved and everything. These are the top ten videos that you kiddies watched over the summer of 2006. So, watch ’em again, relive the highs and lows of another summer gone by.

1. Thursday Theater (June 22): The Tom Penny Mixtape. The highest viewed video all summer, but really, did you doubt it? All of Penny’s best footage blended to a two-song montage with The Stones and Moby. Pure bliss.

2. Wednesday Woe (June 28): The Lawrence Montage. Carson Lee at Skateworks sent us this gem of the SJ homies doin’ their thing.

3. Thursday Theater (June 1): Flatline’s Matt Fink. Matt Fink just plain rips, ’nuff said.

4. Sk8mafia Saturdays (August 5): Another day at the park. All the Sk8mafia Saturdays are popular, but this one featuring Brandon Turner, Kellen James, Larelle Gray, and friends got more views than any other.

5. TWS Legend Award A montage of Mark Gonzales footage from the 8th Annual TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards.

6. Thursday Theater (June 29) When fourteen year old Tom Ghobashi sent in this clip of a pressure flip late flip down a healthy set of stairs, you viewers couldn’t get enough of it. Although half the viewings were probably from a dumbfounded Nate Sherwood.

7. Thursday Theater (July 6): SD Loc’d Out Montage. San Diego skaters are coming up in droves these days and having a fun time doing it. This video is just more proof.

8. Wednesday Woe (May 31) John Fernandez with a platinum credit card.

9. Wednesday Woe (June 21): DC’s Disaster. Dan Connelly ended up with six broken ribs, a punctured lung, internal bleeding, and a weekend stay in ICU. Bummer, dude.

10. Thursday Theater (July 20): Follow the bouncing ball. Luke Anderson takes a knee-crunching slam but comedy relief isn’t far away as he simultaneously breaks the lightpost responsible for his injury.