Sun Diego’s Rapstars Meets Rockstars

Sun Diego decided to have a bikini fashion show at a posh downtown San Diego club, and follow it up with a performance from Raekwon. What? Yeah.

The place was packed and luckily our friend Greg Lutzka, who happens to skate for Sun Diego, had a comped VIP table with free booze. Being the bro that he is, he invited us to indulge with him and his homey Ross that was in town from Milwaukee. A few hours into the bacchanalia, Lutzka’s table was overflowing with the Sk8mafia and notable vert guys like Jake Brown, PLG, and Chris Gentry.

Finally the bikini show started. What more needs to be said? Look at the photos. After that was good ol’ Rae Rae. He banged out Wu classics to an enthusiastic crowd, though most of them didn’t really know the words. One goon was a little bummed that his favorite band Fall Out Boy wasn’t playing so he tried to fight Danny Wallace. One headbutt, one bloody nose, and the goon got thrown out! Classic.

Steve Clare bought a VIP table right in the main room where the rappers performed. Too much mayhem really went on at his table to recount. Flying beers, eggy broads, and enough fashion Don’ts to fill up the next two years of Vice magazine. Good times, none the less. Shouts out to Sun Diego for breaking new ground in the world of party-planning. Next time let’s do Morrissey and oil wrestling—you down, Paul?

Hit the slideshow to see The Chef, the skater daters, trim, and career-threatening party photos.