Sun Diego’s Spring Break Yo’ Self

Oh, it couldn’t have been a better day for this gnarly contest. It was right on the beach in San Diego, beneath the historic rollercoaster in Mission Beach, the weather was perfect, and tons of people came to watch. The Rincon replica was perfect to a T (nice work Jeff King), and the skaters wasted no time throwing themselves down it from every angle. After an hour of carnage (it was amazing the no one got seriously hurt), Tommy Sandoval took top honors as he lipslid, Smith grinded, and nosegrinded the short/drop rail and back lipped the long 12 rail. Brandon Turner got second with a kickflip over the bar first try, switch board the drop rail, and nollie boardslide the 12. Cody McEntire got third with a bollie bigspin down the 4. Tony Tave got fourth with a nollie backside heelflip down the 4. Tyler Surrey and Kevin Romar split fifth place as they nollie flipped and nollie heelflipped the 4 respectively. A lot of those tricks have never been done on the real deal!

The afterparty started cordially at the newly opened Sun Diego store where free food and beverages were provided and enjoyed amid their enormouse fully stocked new shop. Hopefully not too much red wine and fish taco juice ended up on the bikinis and dress shirts on the walls. Worlds collided as the Sk8mafia and the Ego Mob were both present in the so-called VIP exclusive gala. Things got rowdy but peace was kept in the name of continuing the party at the Wavehouse.

The party raged on as we watched people surf a gigantic stationary wave behind a 30-girl plus bikini contest. Daredevil Jane played, but I really can’t be sure of anything that happened outside of a five foot radius of the sand-floored bar I was holding down with Brian Schaeffer and many of San Diego’s finest skaters including but not limited to Oscar Jordan, Danny Wallace, Brandon Turner, Peter Smolik, Jimmy Astleford, Shuriken Shannon, and many more. It was a fun night to say the least, and yes, we were all Spring Broken the next day.—Blair Alley

Of course the party photos and bikini contest are in the slideshow!