Take It Inside

When you think of Vancouver Canada, the word “skatepark” probably comes to mind. We’re the world’s undisputed leader when it comes to free, outdoor concrete parks. The last time I checked, we had more than 25 that are all within about an hour from each other. Drive in any direction from downtown Vancouver and you’ll eventually run into some man made obstacles that were built specifically for you, the skateboarder, to enjoy.

Unfortunately, another word that might come to mind when you think of our great northern skate mecca, is “rain”. You see, we have this strange phenomenon up here that we like to call winter. But instead of getting a typical winter like the rest of Canada, full of snowmen and sleigh rides, we get rain,4 or 5 months of wet, miserable rain. And in case you didn’t already know skateboards and water don’t mix very well.So what do we do? Do we sit quietly on our boards and just hope that Mother Nature stops pissing on our parade? Do we complain about how we wish we could be out skateboarding? No! Cause for as long as there has been a skate scene here (or anywhere for that matter), there’s been people taking it indoors during the bad months.

From the now defunct Richmond Skate Ranch and the Clubhouse to countless miniramps, underground parking lots, churches and private indoor parks over the years – we make the best of what we’ve got. Even though we saw record amounts of rainfall, this winter was a good one for the skateboarders of Vancouver; most of us managed to stay dry and keep skating all throughout the long, wet months that have almost come to an end. Mother Nature can try, but she sure as hell can’t keep us down.