The Brazilian wonder kid Luan De Oliveira took it hands down. He really did have the craziest lines anyone had ever seen. A switch frontside 360 bigger heelflip and then a nollie 360 bigger heelflip in the same line? Yeah. You’ll see in the video. Nollie heelflip the pyramid, too. Andrew Langi’s buttery steez and all terrain crushing landed him the second spot. Always consistant Nick Merlino snagged third with nollie front feebles down the pyramid rail and switch backside 360 ollies down the seven set. Peep the full results here.

The best trick contest was held on the tech center this year. Riley Hawk did a super clean back Smith kickflip out. Gilbert Crockett did a flawless kickflip back Smith backside 180 out. But Austyn Gillette’s bigspin backside tailslide across the top box gave him the win. Best trick results here.

Another great year, cheers to Brian Shaefer, Ryan Clements, Rob Meronek, and the whole SPoT crew. Now peep the flicks!