Tampa Am 2007: Day 2

This was a long day as the vert contest went down in the morning and then the second day of street qualifying started around noon and went on into the night. Tons of skaters charging the course during practice, collisions left and right, kids you’ve never heard of nailing their runs—this is what Tampa Am is all about. Vermont ripper Collin Hale threw up a stinkbug grab to 5-0 grind down the hubba in his run. Anthony Schultz whipped out a benihana at the end of his run as stress relief. An unknown Brazilian did an invert on the big quarterpipe and a blunt fingerflip out in his run, to which someone remarked, “You can’t learn that in America.” That’s the great thing about Tampa, you never know what you’re in for.

Tim O’Connor was in proper form talking poopie about people on the mic. This being his third year in a row emceeing the am contest, his goal is to get someone so mad that they shoot him. His last words will most likely be, “See you in hell, wimps.”

You already know about Flip’s David Gonzalez, but did you know about their newest micro skater Louie Lopez? He’s about half the size of David, skates regular sized boards, and did frontside salad grinds to fakie on the small rail, and frontside flipped the double set in his runs—insane.

A local tattoo shop had a tent set up out back where they’re giving away free tats. In previous years, you could get a free SPoT tat, this year it’s anything goes. Baker/Emerica flow rider Nick Merlino went and got a skateboard tatted on his bicep right before his run.

Check the attached slideshow and video to see who did what.

Here are the top 20 that will be skating in the semi-finals on Sunday:

1 Felipe Gustavo
2 Vince Del Valle
3 Dustin Blauvelt
4 David Gonzalez
5 Louie Lopez
6 Torey Pudwill
7 Evan Smith
8 Dan Narloch
9 Brendan Keaveny
10 Jeff Bauman
11 Jordan Hoffart
12 Alex Mizurov
13 Gilbert Crockett
14 Tyler Surrey
15 Shane Nugget O’Neill
16 Andrew Pott
17 Dominique Johnson
18 Sierra Fellers
19 Nick Merlino
20 Taylor Smith

Check the full results here

Here are the vert results:

1 Josh Stafford
2 Ben Hatchell
3 Ronaldo Gomes
4 Marcelo Bastos
5 Ben Raybourn
6 Paul-Luc Ronchetti
7 Adam Taylor
8 Chris O’Reilly
9 Zach Miller
10 Nolan Munroe