Tampa Am 2007 Final Wrap Up

So it was a bit of a Cinderella story this year. A no name kid from Brazil with sponsors that no one has heard of takes it all. Tim O’Connor even commented, “I think those sponsors will be getting upgraded after this.” Felipe Gustavo had one hell of a flawless run in the finals doing a kickflip back Smith down the big rail and a kickflip back nosegrind on the bump to box. Grant Taylor and David Gonzalez also had amazing, flawless finals runs. It seemed Grant, David, and Felipe would be the top three contenders for sure, but the judges put Sierra Fellers in second, Grant in third, and David in fourth. What about the other David you ask? David Loy? He found and conquered the biggest transfer gap on the course—from quarterpipe to quarterpipe across the vert wall. He didn’t actually make it in his run, it was a try in between two other skaters’ runs. The place went ape shit. Antwuan Dixon was wondering the course giving props to anyone he thought had a good run—a page out of Sean Sheffey’s contest etiquette book.

The Best Trick contest held on the big rail and double set was mayhem as to be expected. Chris Troy did his patented bigspin boardslide 270 out on the big rail—pretty gnarly. Marquise Preston kickflip crooked the rail in what seemed like two or three tries. Kevin Romar did a ton of tricks down the double set but his backside nollie bigspin heelflip was the showstopper. Torey Pudwill was working on a nollie heelflip crooks for a while and nailed it just as time expired. They gave first place to Torey

Dan Murphy’s dog Indy ran onto the course during one of Sean Malto’s runs—must have gotten lost looking for Dan. CCS had a bunch of special awards they were giving out at the end of the day. One was for a photographer or skater that got in the way of someone else’s run. It was decided that Indy should win, so the dog got an iPod or something equally as valuable. CCS also had an award for the guy that missed the cut by one spot, that was Dominique Johnson—they gave him a Mac laptop!

Street Finals Results:

1 Felipe Gustavo
2 Sierra Fellers
3 Grant Taylor
4 David Gonzalez
5 Evan Smith
6 Ruben Rodrigues
7 Chris Troy
8 Justin Figueroa
9 David Loy
10 Donovan Piscopo
11 Ben Gore
12 Sean Malto

Check all the action in the slideshow and video clips!