Tampa Am 2008 Day 2

So Friday night as everyone is wooping it up at Czar bar, Bill Weiss charges in with a startled look on his face and tells Jimmy Astleford and I that anyone staying at the Hampton Inn is getting evicted as he speaks and there are no less than 18 cops in the lobby. He said that anyone involved with the contest is getting a knock on their door and immediate eviction. Jimmy and I raced back to the hotel. On our way we ran into Adio’s Travis Howell that confirmed our fears—his key card didn’t work in the lock and now he has to find a new place to stay. Mind you it’s about 1 a.m. on a Friday night. We take the elevator to my room on the 4th floor, my key works. Jimmy goes to his room on the 5th floor and luckily his works.

Saturday morning I got the official story of what happened. The complaints originally came from the 3rd floor, of which everyone got evicted, then the cops began raiding the 4th floor next. Chris Troy said he and JT Rhoades cooked popcorn to cover up the smoky smell in their room and watched cops walk by through the peep hole with their noses bunched up trying to figure out which rooms had pot-smoking ams in them! Amazing! Thanks Hampton Inn! Anyways Marius got bailed out of jail this morning by Rodzilla and got to skate in the last heat. The SPoT guys have your back like that.

Okay, standouts from today’s qualifiers:

Jimmy Marchand came down from Rhode Island and skated with his arm crutches on, and killed it! Got grinds and flip tricks, and got a tattoo after his runs.

Ben Raybourne took his second run sans shirt with a big “Raybourne” inked on his back. He even did some Neil Blender Ohio Skateout-type physical art in his run.

Jimmy Carlin fakie hardflipped the double set perfectly without a second thought.

Brandon Westgate ollied UP the double set.

Alex Olson was his usual amazing self and despite having his truck fall apart mid-run, should have place a lot higher.

Our intern JT Rhoades has been in Tampa since Wednesday, yet today was the first day he made it to the park, but no camera was on his person. He did have a full beer, though.

The previously unknown Vincent Alvarez made a big impression with switch hammers all over the place, notably a switch back D on the vert quarterpipe.

Creature’s secret weapon Steve Reeves looks like a cross between Al Partanen and Tony Alva and skates as good as them both.

Well, the stage is set for an amazing semis and finals. Stay tuned!

Check the slideshow for all the pics!

Day 2 Qualifiers:
1. Ryan Decenzo
2. Vincent Alvarez
3. Louie Lopez
4. Cameo Wilson
5. Vince Del Valle
6. Grant Taylor
7. David Loy
8. Scotty Moore
9. Collin Hale
10. Andrew Elliott
11. Taylor Smith
12. Steve Reeves
13. Chris Troy
14. Brandon Westgate
15. Chris Dziema
16. Lee Yankou
17. Felipe Gustavo