Tampa Am 2008 Finals

A flawless run chock full of bangers is what it really takes to win Tampa Am. All twelve finalists had gnarly bags of tricks but Ryan Decenzo had the gnarliest and put them all down in one run. From his huge frontside flips over the pyramid to the nollie back heel down the double set ender, this dude deserved to win. Ben Hatchell was no slouch with Caballerial transfers from the vert quarter to the smaller one and perfect Cab kickflips over the pyramid every try. Davis Torgerson I’ve never heard of, but he skated fast, did difficult tricks, and had a mean trĂ© flip and one of the most steezed out nollie flips over the pyramid. Decenzo, however, had the edge. Maybe he squeezed one more trick in his run, or maybe he just had more confidence when he landed his tricks. Whatever it was, congrats buddy, winning Tampa Am is no joke.

Check the photos in the slideshow to the left. More video coverage and slideshows will be posted up all week with stuff like the Best Trick Contest, the moat race, and more Ybor City partying!