Ishod Wair qualified first at Friday’s Qualifiers and gets the golden ticket to the Finals after the first day of skating at 2010’s Tampa Am. Check the results—the top 16 advance to the Semi-Finals—and watch the edit from the best of the day below.

1. Ishod Wair (gets the golden ticket to the Finals)
2. Jeff Marshall
3. Brodie Penrod
4. Ben Hatchell
5. Anthony Estrada
6. Kechaud Johnson
7. Cody Hale
8. DJ Gaudin
9. Evan Smith
10. Collin Hale
11. Walker Ryan
12. Marek Zaprazny
13. Jon Cosestino
14. Hermann Stene
15. Kevin Romar
16. TJ Vanauken

VIDEO FEATURING: Nate Broussard, Jimmy Cao, Dylan Perry, Jovahn Berguron, Travis Glover, CJ Dixon, Boo Johnson, Clint Walker, Willy Akers, Dan Plunket, Manny Santiago, Kevin Romar, Jon Cosentino, Marek Zaprazny, Walker Ryan, Collin Hale, Evan Smith, Cody Hale, Kechaud Johnson, Anthony Estrada, Ben Hatchell, Brodie Penrod, Jeff Marshall, and Ishod Wair.

Filmed & edited by James Buchmann