Another day down at 2010’s Tampa Am. After Saturday’s Qualifiers, Shawn Hale lands himself in the top slot and gets the golden ticket to the finals. Here’s the other fifteen skaters you’ll see in the Semi-Finals and the best of video from the day below.

1. Shawn Hale (gets the golden ticket to the Finals)
2. Elijah Berle
3. Theotis Beasley
4. Felipe Gustavo
5. Anthony Schultz
6. Julian Christianson
7. Bert Wooton
8. Brendon Villanueva
9. Miles Silvas
10. Derek Elmendorf
11. Philip Meranto
12. Ruben Rodrigues
13. Auby Taylor
14. Ian Sherman
15. Mike Piwowar
16. Justin Damer

VIDEO FEATURING: Andrew Langi, Josiah Gatlyn, Vincent Luevanos, Steve Reeves, Cameo Wilson, Jerry Gurney, Auby Taylor, Nick Tucker, Luis Tolentino, Kevin Heger, David Loy, Ian Shermen, Derek Elmendorf, Bert Wooten, Julian Christianson, Anthony Shultz, Felipe Gustavo, Theotis Beasely, Elijah Berle, Shawn Hale.

Filmed & edited by James Buchmann