None other than Elijah Berle beat out Ishod Wair and Jon Cosentino to take the top honor at 2010’s Tampa Am. Check the final results and watch the absolute am carnage—starting off with a couple clips from the Best Trick contest—from the finals at this year’s Tampa Am.

1. Elijah Berle
2. Ishod Wair
3. Jon Cosentino
4. Kevin Romar
5. Jeff Marshall
6. Felipe Gustavo
7. Julian Christianson
8. Ben Hatchell
9. Kyle Walker
10. Matt Berger
11. Jack Olson
12. Shawn Hale

Cameo Wilson (360 flip over the elbow block and frontside flip to flat)

VIDEO FEATURING: Dylan Perry, Cameo Wilson, Evan Smith, Timmy Knuth, Shawn Hale, Jack Olson, Matt Berger, Kyle Walker, Ben Hatchell, Julian Christianson, Felipe Gustavo, Jeff Marshall, Kevin Romar, Jon Cosentino, Ishod Wair, Elijah Berle.

Filmed & edited by James Buchmann