This was one of the best Tampa Pros ever. Just look at who was in the finals: Busenitz, Dompierre, P Rod, Keegan Sauder, Pete Eldridge, and the list goes on. You had contest vets, all-terrain rippers, street favorites, and some unpredictable wild cards. Jani, Chaz, P Rod, and Lutzka all had flawless lines, but in the end, the judges gave Lutzka the edge. So this is a repeat for Greg and his third overall Tampa Pro. Check the full results.

The best trick contest started after the finals. It was a heavy line up of Eric Koston, Shuriken Shannon, Jereme Rogers, Javier Nunez, Torey Pudwill, Jereme Rogers, and more doing some gnarly stuff. Shuriken alone landed four tricks that could have taken it, including kickflipping across the entire box to grind down the metal edge and a pop shove-it backside five-0 on the box. Javier nailed a nollie front heel to switch five-0 across the box just before time ran out and that ended up being the clincher. Results here.

1 Greg Lutzka $20,000
2 Paul Rodriguez $15,000
3 Chaz Ortiz $10,000
4 Jani Laitiala $5,000
5 Kyle Berard $4,000
6 Keegan Sauder $3,000
7 Peter Ramondetta $2,000
8 Dennis Busenitz $1,750
9 Nick Dompierre $1,250
10 Pete Eldridge $1,250
11 Mikey Taylor $1,000
12 Jereme Rogers $1,000