There was some hot action today in the sweaty warehouse in Tampa. Paul Rodriguez ripped the hardest and qualified first and got the golden ticket to the finals. Matt Field was doing bridge poses all over the course during Reese Forbes and Matt Beach’s runs. See who else ripped in the photos below. Top 30 qualifiers are skating in the Semis tomorrow. The full run down is at SPoT’s site here.

PLG won vert, full results here.

1 Paul Rodriguez
2 Keegan Sauder
3 Peter Ramondetta
4 Torey Pudwill
5 Milton Martinez
6 Chad Bartie
7 Chaz Ortiz
8 Jani Laitiala
9 Nick Dompierre
10 Jereme Rogers
11 John Rattray
12 Danny Falla
13 Sierra Fellers
14 Anthony Shetler
15 Mark Appleyard
16 Mike Peterson
17 Jed Shooter
18 Zered Bassett
19 Pete Eldridge
20 Reese Forbes
21 Mikey Taylor
22 Justin Strubing
23 Rob Gonzalez
24 Javier Nunez
25 Brian Anderson
26 Robert Lopez Mont
27 Matt Beach
28 Roberto Aleman
29 Aquil Brathwaite
30 Andrew Pott