Tampa Pro Day One

It poured rain all day in Tampa but the shredding stayed hot inside the Skatepark of Tampa. Amazing runs were thrown down by Brian Anderson, Tony Manfre, John Rattray, Adam Dyet, and Shuriken Shannon. Shuriken and Adam both puked after their runs–maybe a little too much juice at Czar Bar last night. Anyway, here’s how the judges scored it:

1. John Rattray
2. Shuriken Shannon
3. Ryan Sheckler
4. Danny Fuenzalida
5. Tony Manfre
6. Adam Dyet
7. Paul Rodriquez
8. Chad Fernandez
9. Mike Peterson
10. Billy Rohan

To see the rest, check out Skatepark of Tampa’s site. The top 30 will skate in the semis tomorrow. Rattray and Shuriken have golden tickets straight to the finals.