Tapedeck With Keelan Dadd Presented By SOL REPUBLIC

You know DGK's got the ins with every rapper in the game. Which means Keelan Dadd's hung out with tons just from riding a skateboard. In this episode of Tapedeck Presented By SOL REPUBLIC, the DGK breaks down the similarities between skating and hip-hop, who he's met in the rap biz, and why he's so down for Kanye. Grab a copy of Parental Advisory, peep his long-awaited first real part, and see for yourself why Yeezy should be used in way more skate vids. "No rock. Straight hip-hop and a little bit of that smooth shit," Keelan Dadd is a true G.
Video by Parker Siglin and Chris Patterson. Additional filming by Chris Thiessen and David Jurusik. Skate footage courtesy Supra.