Terell’s Never-Been-Done Trick Of The Year

The fact that Tyler Hendley actually won Damn Am was as good as forgotten the instant Terell Robinson touched down on his pyramid-traversing 360 flip to backside boardslide. The post-finals Best Trick contest spontaneously ended, the crowd went apeshit, and the emcees were speechless. A scripture in skateboard history had just been etched. God damn that am.


1. Tyler Hendley

2. Vince DeValle

3. Eric Fletcher

4. Danny Rosario

5. Antoine Asseline

6. Collin Provost

7. Alan Moralo

8. Derek Simon

9. Terell Robinson

10. Dominque Johnson

11. Nick Dompierre

12. Evan Mirschell

Best Trick

1. Terell Robinson: bank-to-bank kickflip to boardslide and 360 flip to boardslide.

2. Adam Dyet: bank-to-bank backside noseblunt-slide.

3. David Gravette: kickflip the entire deck to frontside 50-50 down the rail.

4. Jonathan Yanez: gap ollie to back tail to fakie.

5. Brendan Keaveny: back foot flip to backside lipslide.