The 2007 Texas Skate Jam in Houston

The 2007 Texas Skate Jam in Houston was out of control. This contest was a good benefit to raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation. 40 dollars a pop for any random person to come in and watch all the top skaters get their shred on. Everyone came into the warehouse with high hopes ready for a good day. The bowl contest started the event with young rippers Curren Caples and Ben Raybourne absolutely killing it. Ben took first with some insane tricks including a backside invert revert on six feet of vert. Next obstacle was the bank to wall, there were so many names shredding that: Chris Cole, Peter Romendetta, Dave Bachinsky, and many more. Cole took it with an insane backside noseblunt pop in and an alley oop finger flip lien to tail. After that was the best trick on the Zumiez Block 4. This was for sure the most hectic event of the day. Tons of random kids hucking themselves down the little 4 to get some recognition. All I have to say is Billy Marks did like 7 tricks and won 1st place. Chris cole took 2nd and James Hardy took 3rd. The Fallen/Black Box team was taking over the podium area.

The Habitat premiere was one of the most anticipated of the year for sure. I was excited to be in Houston for the first time and be able to catch this flick. To all the people at the Osiris premier that night you missed out on some good times. The pool tables, bar, and trim was popping off. All I have to say is get your copy of the video and repeat Guru Khalsa’s part a hundred times.—JT Rhoades

Oh snap! Two slideshows to check out!