The Best Time To Skate?

The Holiday Season. What a joyous time to get together with friends and family and talk about life and the upcoming millennium, but I bet you didn’t know that this is also the best time to go skate spots that are unskateable the rest of the year.

So while Grandma is reminiscing about the time you pooped in the bathtub, call your friends up and go session these spots listed below. But don’t try skating 7-11. That damn place never closes.

Schools – You have about two weeks to skate schools without irate principals or teachers trying to gafffle your board. Unless you’re an administrator who doesn’t have a life and works during the holiday season.

Malls – You have one day to skate around the malls without getting chased by fat men in golf carts. Try to hit as many of these as possible on Christmas Day. It might be your only chance of the year.

Business Buildings – Most “Suits” have anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks off of sitting in their tiny cubicles trying to look like their working. So that gives you a chance to hit some of those spots with less traffic. But watch out for Security Guards.

Post Offices – Some Post Offices offer unchartered territory, Christmas Day is the best time to hit that place up.

When you’re finished skating those spots send me a story along with some photos about how you beat the system. If it’s good enough maybe I’ll throw it up on our website. Not only will you be the talk of your town, but you’ll also be riding around town on a new deck courtesy of Santa Cruz Skateboards for submitting the best story.