The Blind Video Premiere Photos

We’re on the cusp of a barrage of new skate videos to be premiered and released into your homes. Last night Blind’s new offering premiered, and in the coming 30 days, we’ll have Zoo York, Nike, and TransWorld videos shown for our enjoyment as well. That being said, I feel like the atmosphere and ambience of a video premiere has a lot more to do with its reception than what’s actually on the big screen—at least more than is realized. I mention this because Blind’s premiere was in the parking lot of Volcom with plenty of chairs and several kegs of free beer. The weather was perfect—a warm, breezy night—it had all the ingredients of a fun backyard party. All of our friends were there, Captain & Casey were filming en episode of their show in the back of a van, and Slash had his dog running around freely. Everyone was comfortable, so it was a pleasure to kick back with the homeys, beer in hand, and watch the new footage of the Blind team. Four years after What If?, this video really cements Blind’s image as a group of ripping skaters, but from very different backgrounds. Australians, Brazilians, Canadians, Americans, and a Finnish dude all came together and put it down in their own way. A while back, Weiss told me that either Jani or Duncombe was gonna have last part—he was right, one of those guys had it. Be sure to hit up the Blind microsite as it’s having an online premiere May 10. Here are the photos:

Photos by Blair Alley, Chris Ray, and Seu Trinh.

Our crew met up at Hensley’s Pub in Carlsbad where Matt was warming up for later.

Lizard and Gabe Clement outside Volcom.

Slash and his dog talk SD spots with Wes Kremer.

Tom Grom Remillard getting the business from P Kid and Wes.

Chris Casey with Slash and The Nuge in the mobile studio.

The Captain.

Dwindle’s Whitney and Blind boss Bill Weiss.

Epic bros, Duffy and Weiss.

Darkstar dudes Dyet and Chet.

But of course.

Dave Ashley getting close with Ryan Decenzo.

Tony Tave, Steve Luther, and Big Daddy Kane.

The video was so intense, Windsor James had to keep an eye on Ewan Bowman’s heartrate.

Adrian Mallory and Jordan “Hassell” Hoffart.

Dave Ashley and Wieger were drinking so fast my camera couldn’t even focus on them!

The show begins.

Lucero and Peter Watkins.

Greg Lutzka and Orange County.

‘Maf in the house! Jamie Palmore and Smolik.

Party’s over!

Jake Duncombe and Chris Ray.

UK all day: Rowley, Fox, and Skin.

James Craig—one of the raddest parts in the vid.

Dennis Martin and Duncombe.

Duncombe and Weiss.

Rob Lorifice getting the awkward interview.

Ronnie Creager and Adam Dyet.

Creager and The Nuge.

Scott Kane, James Craig, and Ronnie Creager.

Weiss getting grilled in the Captain & Casey van.

Filipe Ortiz—good part.

Slash and Keeper.

Cheech and Chong.

Tony Tave.

Creager and Lutzka.

Stricker and Lizard at Detroit Bar after the video.

Lucero and Patrick Nagy throw up the SM with guidance from the Don.