The Brooklyn Banks Benefit

On August 27, one of the best skate events ever to be held in NYC went down at the world-famous Brooklyn Banks. Over 1,000 kids came out to see their favorite pros skate and hang out at the recently saved/renovated skate spot. The jam began around 1:00pm on the step-up gap, bank to wall, and newly placed flat bar. Cruising the scene were the likes of Reese Forbes, Tony Trujillo, Bryan Herman, Lewis Marnell, Kevin “Spanky” Long, Matt Allen, Max Schaff, Braydon Szafranski, Charlie Wilkins, and the rest of the 5boro Crew. The Spitfire, Volcom, and Emerica tents provided shade and raised funds for the banks while the good folks at KCDC and Autumn passed out donated Red Bull, pizza, and water.   

With the energy level at an all time high, the best trick contests began on the bank to wall and the never-forgiving 10 stair. The already sketchy run-up was packed with screaming kids while pros and ams alike tossed their carcasses towards the ever challenging brick landing. Judged completely by crowd noise, the event pushed everyone to reach deep into their bag of tricks.   

An enormous thanks goes out to the following for making this event happen: Everyone at 5boro, Paul Danchak and everyone at Volcom, Jasin at Spitfire, Justin and Bragan at Emerica, Amy and crew at KCDC, Autumn and Red Bull. 

Best trick on the bank to wall winner- Brandon Westgate, backside 270 kickflip to wallride $1000 

Best tricks on or over the rail:
Tie for 1st- Billy Rohan(hardflip over the rail), Dustin Charleton(backside bigspin over the rail) $650 each
2nd- Mcguinness-nollie f/s boardslide $400
3rd- Lewis Marnell-heelflip over the rail $300 

“I’m pretty much speechless, the event today was the best event I have ever been involved with.” —Steve Rodriguez

All photos Tim Stanton

Check the video that Spitfire and Dan Wolfe made about the event on‘s homepage.