The Censorship Is Weak As F—k Art Show

Recently, I went to Supreme to get a new hat. Y’know, one of thosehats the kid in Christmas Story wore with the flaps? Yeah, thas all me right there. Anyhooch, as I exited the store, Amish and I realized there was some sort of “get together” going on next door. Well, the “get together” happened to be the L.A. premiere of both the World Industries Box Set and The Man Who Souled The World, the Steve Rocco Documentary (both of which I appear in). Did I also fail to mention, both Mark McKee and Sean Cliver were promoting Disposable, as well as had a gallery with all the old World Industries/101/Blind decks we’ve all known to grow and love throughout the years? Well, they were. And they was there. So was Socrates Leal, Gio Reda, Dimitry Elyaskyvich, Jeff Tremaine,Knoxville, Nick Tershay, the Hundreds crew, my little brother—let’sjust say, everyone was there. It was very “festive.” Hell, by the endof the night, Rodney Mullen even skated up! Rodney and I discussed such things as who really owned August 17th, and the fat chick I almost humped on the ’96 World/101/Plan B tour. Due to a few hours of team juice supplied by the fine folks at Red Bull, I lost control of where my camera was, but I was able to capture these Kodakstic moments. Enjoy folks.—Clyde Singleton

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