The Cinematographer Project, World View: Patrik Wallner – Japan

With a well-traveled crew along for the ride, Patrik Wallner chose Japan as the location to shoot his section in The Cinematographer Project, World View. See it here online for the first time ever and be sure to get the full-length on iTunes! Presented by Weedmaps.

Excerpt taken from Patrik’s interview in our Feb ’17 issue:

What was your plan going in? Break down everyone involved in your section.
First thing that came to mind was to do a Holy Cow reunion (short piece exploring Bangladesh and Sri Lanka filmed in 2011), which would have consisted of Walker Ryan, Michael Mackrodt, Laurence Keefe and Kenny Reed. We were eyeing out random places to go on this globe and juggling around the idea of Thailand, Russia or somewhere in Africa, but then randomly decided on Japan to make costs easier. Laurence has been living in the country of the rising sun for the last half a decade. So the crew was supposed to be small, but then I happened to be at the Copenhagen Pro and had some beers with Phil Zwijsen and Denny Pham and I drunkenly invited them along as well since they’ve been part of the Visualtraveling movement for years. Thank god they came since both were the MVP’s all around! By the way, thanks to Nike for helping with the lodging!

Why did you choose the location in question [Japan]?
Japan is just a pleasant place to be. Photographers and filmers need not to worry of someone running away with your cmaera or flashes, considering that theft is as uncommon as your chances of getting struck by lightning, which is quite low. Just that burden off your mind makes your trip a little more Zen. I wish the rest of the world would take a few pointers from Japan.

*Full interview here: Patrik Wallner TCP World View Interview

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