The DVS team made it to “Copenheaven” on Go Skateboarding Day (June 21), also the longest day of the year. Over here they call it Mid Summer. We’re here for the CPH Pro this weekend and all the madness that surrounds it. We’ll have daily updates once the contest begins, but for now, here’s what we’ve been up to.

Photos by Blair Alley


Fresh off a 15-hour travel from the West Coast, we checked in at the good ol’ Scandic right by the red-light district. First order of business, rent bikes and hit the streets! Cullen Poythress, Andrew Brophy, and Zered Bassett shake the jetlag.


Torey Pudwill shows Brandon Biebel the way to Christiania.


Two of the tightest dudes in the induskry: DVS’ Cullen and Gabe Clement. So hyped to be in CPH with these bros.


We settled into our table at Nemoland in Christiania. They’re not too cool with shooting photos there so these had to come from the hip!


Chico Brenes oversees T-Pudz technique with the eye of a seasoned wiseman.


Quite prodigious these days, T-Pudz thought he might as well try his luck with the sword in the stone. No dice.


Checked in on the old Wonderland bowl that Tom Penny had those classic photos on. It’s still holding up fine.


Yeah, it’s that beautiful.


Eric, Erica Yary, and Cullen get right with nature.


Old pals Reda and Brophy.


It stays light until 11:30 p.m. and then gets light again at 3 a.m. Some where in between Eric, Ryan Dearth, Erica, and Brophy were still out fighting jetlag.


Tuesday morning, beautiful weather, this is Orstedsparken right next to a buttery ledge spot. The locals were out soaking up the sun.


Copenhagen has amazing canals too.


This spot is as bizarre as it is radical.


We hit up Street Machine for Reda’s book signing. Torey hooked them up with a siggy on this huge poster.


Gabe and Biebel talk turkey on the bustling street out front. Street beers are not a problem.


Sir Brophy.


Street Machine, Copenhagen.

More updates coming all week & weekend!