The Dew Tour Does Oregon

The Dew Tour is a mini X Games type deal, bringing action sports to kids around the country. Vans sponsored this stop and donated $10,000 towards a new park in Oregon to boot. This tour stop overall, was a lot of fun. Besides the action to watch there were all sorts of activities for the fans in the vendor area. There was a little park, some bike jumps, bands, free stuff, chicks and a whole mess of other stuff. Corporate skating, like it or not, has brought a lot of money into the sport, which brings more free parks and pays a lot of skaters salaries. Besides, it is fun too see some of the best in the world skating together and hitting up the local pubs with them at night. The street format was pretty rad. First they skated in individual runs, 10 guys. Then they narrowed it down to the top 7 for a 5 minute jam on half the course. Then they narrowed the field further, to top 5 for the other half of the course. For the TV people, the vert contest took like 2 hours with lots of time between runs. The action was sick but too much time between runs meant a lot of fans (and skaters) got bored and many fans left. The “TV minute has got to go in all contests, period. Check out the tour if it rolls to your town, it is a hella fun experience. Also, Oregon is amazing, sack up, learn to ride tranny, and go there. It is beautiful, as are the parks.

Greg Lutzka mininterview

What did you do to come out on top?

You know what, I was just trying to do some new stuff that I haven’t done. At these contests it always seems like the guys go out and try the same tricks, I was just trying to switch it up today and happened to put it together. The 270 switch front blunt, that worked out well, I just felt like I was on today. It all came together, I was stoked.


Oh my god yeah, it’s hot, my face is probably burned red. Maybe next year it will be indoors but this year it was fun with the whole crowd coming out to support it, it was rad.

Are you hitting any other Northwest spots while you’re up here?

Yeah, we’re actually doing a tour up here so that should be pretty fun. Then we’re going to Slam City right after that. We’re going to skate Burnside and all that, definitely looking forward to that.

Street Results
1. Greg Lutzka
2. Ryan Sheckler
3. Chad Fernandez
4. Billy Marks
5. Paul Rodriguez
6. Paul Machnau
7. Kyle Berard
8. Austen Seaholm
9. Ronnie Creager
10. Alex Gavin

Vert Results
1. Bucky Lasek
2. Andy Mac
3. Sandro Dias
4. Bob Burnquist
5. PLG
6. Rune Glifberg
7. Mike Crum
8. Anthony Furlong
9. Mathias Ringstrom