The Final Flare Part One
Ty Evans Interview by Skin Phillips

Ty, I haven't got any questions prepared to we're going to have to just wing it here.
That's cool, lets just talk.

Photos by Dave Chami

Okay, what are we going to see in The Final Flare that we didn't get in Fully Flared, what are the main differences?

The main thing is that Fully Flared didn't have any bonus footage and a lot of people were complaining about it, “Where're the commercials and where're all the behind the scenes?” So it basically has all that and a lot more. For me to put all that stuff in the original release, it would have to been put back another three months. When you think of how many times we pushed it back people were so over it already. The whole point of the first video was to just get it out, and now we've had a year to go back and do it again. All the bonus footage is in there, a 60-minute behind the scenes documentary with all the guys talking about what went down.

Is there a commentary-over part?

Yeah totally, we interviewed all the guys, then some of guys outside of the project as well. We just broke it down chronologically—from the beginning of Lakai to the beginning of the filming for Fully Flared, the first trips, all the new guys getting on, then the pressure cooker that started to happen with the video getting pushed, behind the scenes with all the intros.

How long has The Final Flare project taken you?

Well I got the video done in November of 2007, it had taken four years of so much work, and I was like we're finished, it’s done. So you kinda breath a sigh of relief, then all of a sudden I started going into this thing and realized I started another monster, I just can’t shake this beast, I can't get the monkey off my back.

Did you have an outline of The Final Flare at the start or did it just come together?

When I got done with Fully Flared, I felt that there was a story there that was much bigger that needed to be put out there. I felt that there was still a lot more to it. You can see that from all the stuff that Patrick O’Dell is doing with Epicly Later’d, there’s so much stuff going on behind the scenes, so many stories—from Guy coming back into skating from being in this really dark place, over coming that darkness then becoming a part of skateboarding again. Eric getting on, Alex and Mike Mo being the new ams with their first video parts, how the video was so anticipated. When I as a kid at fifteen/sixteen years old, I'd have loved to have seen Tony Hawk talk about filming for Animal Chin, and I feel that there're kids out there that want to hear about Mike Mo throwing a milk shake on Alex, they want to hear about how long it took to make a trick. It's cool to spend four years on a video and look back and say here's this whole other thing you can get out of it as well. Box sets in the past have just been collections of videos, deluxe editions too, I think the DC Deluxe Edition was really cool cause it had that new Danny part and other new stuff and I feel this has some really cool stuff.

Do the parts change?

The first disc is the normal release, so you get that if you never got it. The second disc is the bonus disc which has the Final Flare documentary which is sixty minutes long, then it has twenty five minutes of bonus footage which didn't get used, all edited with new music. Then it has forty five minutes of all hi-def footage that's been down res’d to standard def that's been edited to new music. It has miscellaneous stuff that's been on the Web sites that we got, my interview with Animal Chan on SGV, the stuff you guys did from the Skate Awards, a bunch of commercials, the Chocolate stuff I filmed of Vincent Alverez is on there nice and crisp. A lot of stuff on the net that was on low res, it's cool that it's now on hi-res for everyone to see.

Then the third disc, which is a first for skateboarding is the Blue Ray disc. On that disc is a forty five minute edit of all the HD footage, some of it was in the video, some of it hasn't. There's a ton of new stuff that nobody’s ever seen all in hi-def 720 image size edited new with music. There is Vincent's Chocolate part which is in HD, the hotel steady cam commercial we did and the steady cam commercial that we did in Milan Central station. A ten minute documentary of a weekend at Biebel’s. I also took the intro with all the explosions and re-telecined it up to to hi-def which is really f—king cool cause you get to see the intro in 16-by-9 which looks super crazy.

Part 2 coming soon!

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