The Final Flare, Ty Evans Interview Part 3
Interview by Skin Phillips
(Continued from Part 2)

It's crazy that with a Red Camera you can make a Hollywood-caliber movie. I mean, what would that have cost before?

Yeah, but, a lot of skaters don't like the way that stuff looks. They just like the normal Death Lens fisheye—that's what they want forever. (con’t under gallery)

Do you think it can be overproduced?

For sure. Look back at some of the stuff I've done over the last year and there're way too many set up shots, face shots, boards throwing down and this and that (laughs), for sure it can be overextended.

Going back to Fully Flared, there was purposely no skits in it because it was more about the skating, right?

That's a good point. There were 19 skaters in it—it was a beast. We actually did try to incorporate a skit—the floating camera. We shot the whole thing, but guys were stressed, they only had four weeks left to get this trick and they're out here sitting with this camera on fishing wire on a pole and they're like, "What the f—k are we doing here?" That's on the Final Flare bonus as well.

But I think this video was more about the skating. I think with the Girl and Chocolate videos it is more about the skits and the fun. This video was a lot more work. We tried putting in the Floating Camera and in the bigger picture it didn't seem right. We had this funny intro with Guy sitting in these Tech Decks and getting swallowed up by them—it just didn't seem right. But that's what's cool about The Final Flare.

What's next for you?

We're still working on the Chocolate video. It's a lot more fun. No one's stressed, no one's worried about doing their best video part ever. It's back to what it should have been. We got off track making the Lakai video [laughs]. Looking back on Fully Flared and The Final Flare, so much was put into these videos. You can tell a lot of these guys put in everything they had, but when that happens, you lose the fun aspect of skating.

Did it get stressful for everyone? Could you feel that?

Yeah, it was insane. Guys weren't talking to each other. This guy won't skate with this guy. It sucked. These guys left Plan B to form Girl which was supposed to be this fun thing, and then lo and behold in the middle of making Fully Flared, Carroll came to the realization, he's right back in the same situation, like how did this happen? It was good, I think we all learned a lot.

Continued in Part 4, coming soon!

The Final Flare is in shops now. Check this trailer.