The Final Flare, Ty Evans Interview Part 2
Interview by Skin Phillips
(Continued from Part 1)

What changes did you have to make to put the video on Blu-Ray?

Huge changes. It's image size. Just to be clear, the original Fully Flared isn't on the Blu-Ray disc. The Blu-Ray disc is all new stuff that was shot in High Def and mastered in High Def. (Con’t below gallery)

Photos: Chami

Can you see a big difference in Blu-Ray? What is it, more pixels?

Yeah, a 1080 image is four times the size of a standard def image. I'm psyched that we did the very first Blu-Ray disc in High Def. It feels like something new in skateboarding.

Were there any hiccups going to Blu-Ray, was it the first time you did that?

F—k yeah. It was a big learning experience. It's crazy, you can master a Blu-Ray on your computer, but when you take it to a replicator, they can only make a minimum amount of numbers. If you want to make a large scale of Blu-Rays, you need to go to another authoring house and there're only two different softwares that can author it so it will play on all Blu-Ray players. It goes back to copyright. The AACS takes a six-cent per disc royalty and you have to pay a 2,000-dollar flat fee. Then they give you an encryption code, and that's what you give your replicator, and that goes into your master. I literally had to spend a week just researching how this stuff works.
I just read that somebody figured out a 400 gigabyte Blu-Ray disc, which is crazy because the ones we used were 50 gigs. You could fit so much more stuff on that—ten hours of material or something.

Through Fully Flared, we saw a lot of filming changes and you were at the forefront of that. It went from Sony to High Def, a lot of panning. You've got booms now. Is that a continual process for you to expand?

Yeah, some stuff works, and some stuff doesn't, but you want to just keep trying it. We're at that age where the line between still photography and digital filming is getting blurred.

Yeah, with the Canon 5D Mark II coming out.

Yeah, that shoots 1080 30p, and the new Nikon shoots 720 24p. It's crazy. The next couple years, I think you're going to see more photographers shooting film, it'll probably go more that way.

You actually have the opportunity to experiment because so many things come your way. Look at the Red Camera.

Yeah, the Red Camera was really good. I think cheap, simplified, and good quality is the main thing. You can already see it.

Continued in Part 3, coming soon.