Continued from Part 3

Interview by Skin Phillips

If it was going that way again, would you try and bring it back to more of a fun level?

It's hard, because you want to make the video the best you can make it, so in order to do that you have to crack the whip—you have to be the dick. Someone has to be. Do you wanna get the guys up to film or are they gonna sit around all day?

Photos: Chami

But obviously it was worth it in the end.

It all worked out. Was it necessary? I don't know. It's funny because when it was done, I still wasn't content. I felt like, "Oh, this guy could've done this."

Really? At the premiere you didn't feel content?

No way man. I was still thinking about the tricks the guys were trying. I was thinking I could've edited it better, I could've found better songs.

But at that point, you could be editing it now. You've got to say when is when.
Oh, totally. With The Final Flare documentary, the original one I set out to make would have been two hours long. The final version, we only had one hour of space on the DVD. Now, I'm just thankful everything is what it is. I'm grateful that Lakai took the risk of even doing this. I mean, do they even want to make another video? With three discs, Blu-Ray, all the money involved. But it's cool, I'm glad they took the risk.

Alright, we'll leave it right there. Thanks Ty.