The Get By: HBO Skate Doc

There’s always the discussion about how to tread that fine line between staying true to what you love (in this case skateboarding) and showing it to the world. And, it seems the HBO doc The Get By, clocking in at almost twenty minutes, does the perfect job. Interviewing NY skate philanthropist Billy Rohan, Gino, Dr. Z, Fred Gall, Jake Johnson, Todd Jordon, Pops, J. Strickland, 5Boro’s Steve Rodriguez, Tolentino, Strobeck, Quim, Jahmal Williams and others influential in making the NY skate scene what it is today, the doc explores the constant struggle that is skating in the Big Apple, tying these skaters’ passion in with the theme of the HBO show “How To Make It In America.” With filmers like Josh Stewart and R.B. Umali involved, it’s spot on. Click below to link to The Get By.