Words and Photography by Yoon Sul

When Jeff “JetSki” Henderson asked me to go on a small weekend skate trip to AZ to go see the GOAT, all I could say was “HELL YES!” I’ve been dying to see a GOAT show for days, and if I have to go to Scottsdale, Arizona to see the show, f—k it: a small price to pay to go see the GOAT live. If you don’t know, the GOAT is Shane Heyl, Andrew Reynolds, BEAGLEONEISM, and Kevin Long. Unfortunately, Kevin could not make it, so Dustin Dollin filled in with a magic stick of harmony—yeah, I’m still trying to figure out what it was myself. So I got in the van with JetSki, Figgy, Marquis Preston, Jon Miner, and Braydon Szafranski, and we headed to Arizona for a very entertaining weekend of the GOAT and a little skating. The show was everything I imagined it to be: awesome. Shane Heyl just got the crowd pumped with his passionate lyrics as Andrew Reynolds killed it on guitar, while BEAGLEONEISM banged away on the drums. Seeing the GOAT perform “Luv Dat Sh-t” and “Jimmy Beamin'” was worth the Fear Factor experience I had at the bar: Don’t eat Chipotle before going to a bar. At the end of the show, the crowd demanded a encore performance of “Luv Dat Sh-t” and the band gave it to them ending the show with a banger. Seriously one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. Oh yeah, the rest of the trip involved skating, Marquis and his jack shack, Figgy just living in his dimension where everything is SO TIGHT!, Braydon getting a banger, Miner and I conquering our fears, JetSki driving a mini van like it was NASCAR, Cheba Hut, pissed-off Republicans, dust storms, and five meals a day. Can’t really say my job sucks—wambalam thank you mamm.