The Insider: One Week With Atiba

Tell me about the last week?
Last week is just a blur¿last week was dog shit¿we got kickedout of everywhere¿on Monday I came down here, got kicked out ofeverywhere, and Tuesday I went skating and got kicked out of everywhere too.

What’s the deal with you getting kicked out of everywhere?
It’s just the week, you just don’t get much shit done¿saving it all for the weekend or the night. I went out on Wednesday with Ellington anddidn’t get anything¿he cut his hand open skating this rail. I went toMiami on Thursday to shoot portraits of this basketball player calledAnthony Mason. I went there just for a day. I went skating before that with Clyde and Kevin Taylor just cruising around, and we got kicked out of everywhere. We went to the beach and skated this seven-stair rail. Kevin got a trick and so did Clyde, which was tight. It rained for a while on Friday, but when it dried up I went out with this kid Ryan Denman and got a trick of him.

Then, Arto and Appleyard called me up¿they were skating that over the rail spot that Arto has a lot of tricks on. It was crazy¿I was driving on my way up Vermont and Melrose, not even two miles away from them, and it was pouring down with rain. I called them and I was like, “Dude it’s raining,” and they were like, ‘No, it’s not.” I got up there and it was dry, I got a trick of the kid, and Appleyard got a sequence, then it rained.

That night, I went to the Sea And Cake gig, then went to the Ozzy party. Saturday, we tried to get a skate going on, but we lagged, and finally got out of Hollywood at about twelve o’clock ’cause I was trying to ship out the Anthony Mason photos, and looking for a Fed-Ex box. Me and Eric (Koston) hooked up with Anthony Van Engelen, Jamie Thomas and Lee at Brick town.

After that, Rodrigo was killing it at El Dorado rail, but I got no stills they were all sequences, I hate that. The cops came and gave all the skaters tickets. I drove home with Anthony and got my Halloweencostume, I was Alan Iverson.

Me and Ako were going to come down to San Diego but it got late. Matt Mumford was having a going away party for Gene, but by the time I called down there everyone was wasted. I went out with Eric, Kelly Bird, Mike Carroll. We met up with a bunch of random people like Keenan and Kalis, and went to a couple of parties. Eric was dressed as Cisco¿it was one of the most amazing costumes that I’ve ever seen. It was pretty funny, we got home late and went to bed. On Sunday Reynolds called me early ’cause he didn’t realize that the clocks had gone back¿we went skating to this twelve-stair and tried to rush it before the rain came, but the cops came and we got kicked out. I had the whole Baker Am squad with me in the car. I dropped them off in Long Beach, then went back to my house and worked on a song.

Mesa and Dimitry called me, and I went to have food with them. Eric, Berra, and Leo called me to say they were going to see Blair Witch II¿which sucked. It’s a cheesy, shitty, movie but I was kinda psyched on it. I went home and went to sleep. Now, I’m here at Transworld waiting for Arto to call me so we can go and shoot.