The Insider: Week Two

Have you been shooting much basketball now that the NBA season has started?
Yeah, last week was the opening day, so we did four games. It started on Tuesday–I went to Oakland to do the opening game for the Golden State Warriors–they played Phoenix. Then, I came back and did the Lakers the next day, and the day after that I did the Clippers. I also did another Clipper game after that, and we did a Laker game last night. It’s rollin’.

Are there any similarities between skateboarding and basketball photography?
They both involve action, so that’s a similarity of course. Otherwise, they’re completely different. With skate photography, the person goes to the same skate spot all the time. With basketball, technically, this happens too, because the action’s around the basket–that’s where you get good photos usually. But you have to keep focusing the lens for basketball, whereas for skateboarding, you can set the focus because you know where the guy’s gonna hit the rail–so you have more control over that in skate photography. In basketball, you have the same light, but in skating you have to be prepared for any situation. They have their differences, for sure.

How’s your week been as far as skateboarding goes?
This week, it was a pretty minimal hammer week. The week treated me better than the weekend.

That’s unusual.
Yeah, it was unusual.

Who did you roll with?
Arto. He got some hammers.

Again? So even after the eS video, he’s still throwin’ down.
Yeah, he sparked off. I went out of town for a day, so I missed a day–but I came back and got a hammer with him. Then, I went to the eS premiere.

What did you think of the video?
Well, I had to do a team shoot for eS, and it took for ever–setting up, and dealing with the team. So after that, I went to a game, and missed the first half of the video. I only saw the Rick McCrank, Bob, and Koston parts. I went to the second showing when everyone had gone. It’s such a good video. I went to the party–it was skardy.

What’s “skardy”?
You know, skate-party–no chicks. It was cool. On Friday, I took a day off to hang around my house. No one skated–everyone was out of town for the Make A Wish Foundation–nothing was going down that day. I just sat in my house, listening to music, and worked on the song for the video. Then, Eric and Mesa called me, so we had breakfast together–that started at eleven, and finished at one. Afterwards, I dropped the ride off, and got some new speakers installed. It was so expensive–they cost 450 bucks, and to get them installed was an extra 150.

What speakers did you get?
Bose Acoustics–they’re the best. They sound good, but I need to get a bass cannon. That night, I just went out to a club. On Saturday, I was supposed to hook up with Reynolds, but we couldn’t get a filmer, so he didn’t want to skate. Then, I called Ellington and talked to a kid called Austin Stevens.

I met him and Ed Templeton in Corona to skate this rail. We were late because I had to run some errands. We got there at one thirty, and skated a park to warm up–that was pretty tight. We got all psyched. The drive was far–it took forty minutes. We didn’t get to the spot until around two thirty, maybe three o’clock, and with the day light saving, it gets dark at five. The spot was a fourteen or fifteen-stair rail–he was feeling good, and warmed-up. I was setting up simply–not to cause any distractions, because I knew it was a high kick-out spot. Then, security rolled up, and we got kicked out straight away. We didn’t know what to do after that.

We went to this other school which is another half hour away in Tustin. Austin did a trick on, was pretty sick. Then it just got dark, and we didn’t have a generator, so we may go back today. So that was Saturday. On Sunday, me and Eric Ellington talked about getting some photos–he wanted to get a dusk photo, may be Beverly High, we would get kicked out at night, so I was like, “We could go tomorrow night, or we could do it at dawn.”

I was joking around, but he was like, “Yeah, f..k it, let’s do it at dawn.”

I asked him if he was serious, because we would have get Lee to film it, and he was serious. So Lee had to leave San Diego at three in the morning to meet us by four thirty in LA That night, I went out to some jacked party–for the singer of Anthrax. It was a kinda hesh party, with random people. I got home late and went to sleep at around two thirty (the night before I’d gone to bed late, then woke up early–so I only had four hours sleep). I had set my alarm for five, and called Eric when I got up. He was still down.

I called Lee, and he said, “Dude, I’m at the spot–get here.” We got to the spot at five thirty. The light from the sunrise was perfect–all red, it was beautiful. I was setting up and I heard, “Are you kidding me, you can’t skate here.” The woman was freaking out because we’d woke her up. But we just thought, “f..k it, we’ll try to keep going.” Then, the cops came–so we had to peace out. Lee had driven all that way from San Diego, and he also had a posse with him. They came over to the house, and we all fell asleep. They’re filming a movie in our house–it’s just been taken over.

What movie?
A budget indie film. It sucks–there’s shit everywhere.

Are you getting money for that?
The dude’s our neighbor, and he asked us. Ako wanted to get some money, and we all thought it would be cool, but it was a really bad idea. My house is in a shambles for two weeks, and I have to live in a hotel.

Are they paying your hotel bill?
Yeah, we’re not doing it for free, but it’s a pain in the ass. On Sunday, I still hadn’t finished the song for i.e. After we woke up on Sunday, we tried to go back to Beverly Hills High–everyone was so tired. I went to shoot a basketball game for the Entertainment League from two until four. That was my weekend–a pretty short weekend.