The Insider Weeks 4 and 5

We’ve got a couple of weeks to catch up on.
Yeah I know, the first seven days are kind of hazy. I remember the weekend–we went to Sacto. I went there with Ty Jeron, Richard, Chris Roberts. We went there to skate and hook up with Brandon Biebel–he rides for Girl now. Mike York was up there with Shameel, so it was kinda cool.

Did you get much done?
Yeah it was cool. It took forever, we met at Girl and it took a while for Keenan to get there. We met there at one, then me and Ty just skated the park until Keenan showed up at four. Sam, the team manager came with us too. The traffic was fucked, so it took us a while to get there. We met up with Biebel and got kicked out of this thing we were trying to skate, so we just saved that for Saturday. It sucked cause we were getting kicked out a lot–our crew was kinda thick. Eric was there for a day and got some stuff. We went out at night but just got kicked out, so we saved that for Sunday. Sunday, we got a tonne of stuff on this ledge. On Monday we tried to go skating but we couldn’t skate much so me, Ty, and Biebel hit up these blocks that were super fun. That was last week. I got back on Monday night from Sacto and that week was a holiday. Tuesday, I shot a Rusty ad with all the team: Arto, Bastien, Ed, and Tosh. Then, I went to skate with Mumford. We went to Berra’s park and skated with Heath and Steve, which was fun. You know I didn’t make my trick, which kinda sucked.

What were you tyring
I did a kickflip backside tailslide in Sacto which I was all psyched about–its pretty easy¿then, I tried it at Berra’s and I couldn’t do it. I think Berra’s box is a little too high for me, because I wasn’t getting into it too easily.

Who’s filming for videos right now?
Everyone’s filming right now; Flip, Girl, and Zero.

What order do you think they may come out in, do you think the Flip video will be first?
They have so much gnarly stuff, but I don’t know, they may take a while to get it really gnarly.

Do you think Tom will have footage in that?
I think you’d know better than me. They have some stuff that Fred filmed for the eS video, but they’re going to keep that. He has some stuff, but I don’t know if it’s ground-breaking Penny. They may be waiting to see what they can get from Tom. Bastien is out here for a while too–they have to work with him, Andrew Gordon, and Mark Appleyard. You know Geoff and Arto have gnarly footage too, and I’m sure Rune is getting stuff too. Geoff definitely has some shit.

Let’s go back to last week?
Last Wednesday, we thought we could skate school yards, but we couldn’t, so nothing went down. Biebel was here on Thursday and we went to Crown Valley, but the traffic was just crazy. We went skating with Dyrdek and Anthony. We had a little Thanks Giving dinner at Swingers with all the homies. On Friday, we all went skating, this is a roll call of a pose: Scott Johnston, Biebel, Eric, Carroll, Bird, Lee, Adrian, Mumford, Elissa, Ellington, J rock, John Mcguire, Chris Ortiz, Ryan Bobier, and at least another ten kids. Biebel messed up his wrist doing this line. We all went to Bundy and no one was feeling it, so we all just went skating for an hour. Eric was just dorking around, it was so funny. We called it a day after that. I’m batting pretty hard for having put in a three-day weekend. Saturday, we went to a school out in Pasadena and go kicked out. We made a last minute run to the valley to meet up with Lee, Adrian, Mumford, and Chany. Chany got a trick and Lopez got a line. We didn’t skate that night–I’ve been out every night this week. We went to the party of the lead singer of Anthrax–it was pretty funny but busted. Reynolds wanted to hook up early on Sunday–he called me and was all, “Let’s do this,” and I acted like I was awake, so we went out and got some stuff. We hooked up with Mumford and went to Bundy. Elissa was trying this line that was sick, but she tweakked her ankle. That was it. We haven’t done any night skating in a while.

Are you back in the house
Yeah. It’s pretty sick though the hotel room was pretty sick because it was above Swingers, a little diner where we eat. That was cool to get back in the house, I’m definitely physched to be back in this piece.