The Insider Weeks 5 And Six

The Insider Weeks 5 And 6
Atiba’s in the middle of a Brazil tour with the Girl team. Here’s how things are going.

Have you got the tickets for Brazil?
Yeah, but we didn’t get our visas. Sam Girl Team Manager talked to the travel agent who said they could do it electronically, but they couldn’t, and the whole trip was moved back a day. It was cool because the 76 ers came to play the Lakers, so we went to see that. Eric and Rick went–they were psyched the trip got postponed. Lee Dog was there with J Rock. So that’s up until now. Everything should’ve been figured out–it was such a clinic yesterday getting our visas. We had to go down to the Brazilian Consulate, you know what it’s all about, so I did that and took care of errands all day. I’m finishing up right now, and I’m ready to break out of here in about an hour.

Let’s go over the week quickly. Has it been a good week or bad week?
This week was actually a bad week ’cause not much skating went down. I’m going to have to brainstorm: I went to Portland for a little photo shoot, which was fun. Rasheed Wallace and I got to kick it with Humphries. On Tuesday, I went to Transworld just to do some Transworld stuff (I was trying to hook up with Bastien Salabanzez before those dudes the Flip team went to S.F). My dad came into town from Germany, so that’s why the week was so slow too. On Thursday, I went back down to Transworld ’cause I was supposed to hook up with Bob–he got hurt the day before and thought that he was actually going to skate, but he wasn’t able to. At the last minute, I tried to hook some other stuff up, but that didn’t happen either. On Friday, I went out with my Dad ’cause it was his last day, so I didn’t skate all week–it’s been a slow week in the field kids. Not a whole lot of people are in town–a lot are off on random trips. I hooked up with Mumford. Me, Matt, Lopez, Lee, Bobier, and Sumner went to skate this rail. That was the day we ended up skating this little ledge–nothing really went down. On Sunday, I went out with Jeremy Wray–he’s fully legit, 100 percent–he was doing big kickflips in this park out near his house. I was psyched to see that. We skated this one thing and got one trick. I went out in the afternoon and didn’t get anything, so Jeremy Wray was the hero for the weekend … coming up.