The Jetset Collection Party

The good people at etnies and Stereo had a little gathering last Tuesday night in downtown L.A. to showcase their Jetset collection of collabo shoes and to show the new Stereo video, A Journey Through Sound. The Jetset shoes consisted of a pair of slip ons with Jason Lee’s photosgraphs repeated on them and a pair of mid-tops with Chris Pastras’ art on them. Both were well-designed and are soon to be prized possessions in many sneaker freaks’ shoe collections. Also displayed were some of Stereo’s funky shaped decks and portraits of the team in their Sound Agent get ups. The bar and food were free and the new video was looped on the plasmas. Yes, the video was good—packed with new footage from the whole team.

As if all this wasn’t enough, they had also booked Fishbone to play for the night. If you don’t know Fishbone’s history with skateboarding, do some homework—these dudes are O.G. They rocked the crowded spot for what seemed like hours while everyone in there consumed way too much free booze. What a way to spend a school night! Thanks dudes!